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doTERRA on Fox News - Vanderbuilt Hospital uses oils in their emergency room

Check out dōTERRA on FOX news! Message me if you me to show you how to get some. 


Designer Philippe Malouin created this Hanger Chair for todays growing demand of space saving furniture. This Awesome chair has a second use beside its spec saving way to store it, you can also use it as hangers for your shirts. The furniture project Umbra Shift by Umbra Studios is working together with designers, that rethink the use of furniture and teamed up with Philippe Malouin to realize this chair.

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Neat idea

Business cards I made for my teammates and myself. I actually made 5 templates and created a business account with giving my team 25% off all printing, If anyone in doTERRA wants to check them out or use them feel free. contact me for a link and login info. 

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Help our school win a recycled material playground, please!

We are trying to win a recycled material playground for our school. Our school is in first place, but the second place school and us are neck and neck!
Would you mind helping us harvest votes?
The contest ends June 30.

Below you will see parents have enlisted friends with social media following to help us win, which made me think of you :) I would really appreciate it if you posted to your fan base.

To vote follow the link below, fill in name, email, and enter beloved community charter school. A confirmation email will be send and once that is replied to one time the email can vote once per day.


The PE curriculum we use at BelovED, SPARK (Sports, Play, And Recreation for Kids), put posts on their Facebook & Twitter accounts for us in the playground contest

I also got the following people to provide retweets asking their followers to vote for us-

-Jonathan Crompton, NFL QB
-Jon Lieberman, Howard Stern Show
-Paul Rosengard, President of SPARK
-Phys Ed Plus, PE equipment supplier
-Daily Fit Log- fitness software company
-Dr. Lori Schmek- CNN & Huffington Post Health Expert
-Harvey Walden, trainer from the tv show “Celebrity Fit Club”
-Jack Curry, color man for the New York Yankees on the YES Network (that was Ms. Thompson’s work).
-Style Network
-Food Network

Not bad for 30 min on social media. Still working on a few dozen others…….I’ll keep on it!!

Spirit of the times collage- The Baby Boomer Generation 

The Baby Boomer Generation has a birth date range of 1946-1963 and a coming of age range of 1963-1983. This generation is defined by their eagerness in raising conscientiousness and finding enlightenment. These transformative rebels experiment and test society’s boundaries through their willingness to bravely step away from the pack and accept the spotlight which shines on them for it. The glint in the eye of the child boomers watching as the silence of the generation before them broke open in a loud, colorful and inspired array of art, music, and activism grew up to be less inclined toward starting families before researching their own life a bit more. My mother is a boomer, who did have me at an age I consider to be too young-23. In her day that was neither normal nor expected. Just because my mom had me young doesn’t mean she didn’t live the boundary pushing life of a boomer. My mom divorced my father (silent gen) because he didn’t support her going to school and being a working mother. Wile not totally controversial in this generation and and many women were making this choice I don’t get the sense that they knew it was happening all around them- I believe they felt like they were taking a rare path. I think many women (not all obviously) who had children despite the decline once given the choice still behaved similarly to their childless peers. I know my mother loves me and always has but during my childhood I was expected to indulge her single working mother status and express sympathy for her strife. In my observation the boomers intertwine experimentation in boundary testing with self-important narcissistic indulgence. everyone from the hippies, yuppies, and club kids have at least one thing in common; they consume attention like it’s fuel. 

Tiffany Neumann


Spirit of the times collage- The Silent Generation

The Silent Generation has a birth range is 1929-1946 and a coming of age range of 1946-1963. My father was born in 1945 so he just makes it into this generation. I find it so intriguing how accurately the  descriptions and archetypes define the people I know from these generations. “Artist, Silent partner, sidekick, and helper without a real voice in society who lives a protected existence, Silent” (lecture week 3) My father is an artist, grew up sheltered by my grandparents, tinkered with his cars, showed them off with his rebel without a cause attitude, married my mom because his mother pressured him to, and never really took a stand on anything that mattered to him- he simply lived, worked, and spent money on things that made him feel cool. 

Advertising during the silent generation continued to build on the realization that if you can evoke a desirable feeling in a person they are very much more likely to buy the product associated with that feeling through its advertising. Women who had been marketed out of their homes and into the workforce were spun back around toward the kitchen. “Whether it was selling diet candy for weight loss, televisions, slacks, razor blades, coffee, or laundry detergent, the ads all have something in common—catchy, simple tag-lines. These tag-lines seem to say, “Buy this product and you will be better off, more confident, as well as fit better in society!” (week 3 lecture, advertising and women’s roles) A woman’s life changed during the silent generation, they still had the pressure to do as was expected of them but now they also had the added pressure to take a stand and decide for themselves what they wanted to do. 

Some women welcomed the tried and true role of homemaker. Other women, like my grandmother, watched with envy as the younger generation pushed back and didn’t return to the kitchen when told to. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe became a cultural icon for women who became Rosie the riveters when asked to work while the men were away, but, didn’t’ turn around or even slow down when asked to go back home. Try as it might, advertising just could not un-ring that bell. 

If I were alive during the silent generation, I suspect I would have taken the route Marilyn Monroe took. (sans suicide) I have always been a non-conformist willing to brave a new path.

Tiffany Neumann


Spirit of the times collage- The G.I. Generation

The Greatest Generation was born between 1901-1929 and came of age between 1929-1946.  The advertising during this generation changed from informative and authoritative calls to action to luring and inciting moments of time caught on camera or illustrated to have been a frozen moment of time. The greatest generation grew up during the Great Depression and came of age during WW2. Despite hardships in the beginning The Greatest generation had an optimistic eye scouting for solutions to each an every obstacle. When money was tight and people were hungry they sought reprieve in games and movies with family and friends at the end of a long day. When the men were gone to war women started to wear the pants in the family and worked the factories. And when there was money to spend advertising was right there to touch just the right chord to influence purchases their direction. Advertising for anything from razors to movies to magazines to beauty products to cars to homes, everything began being sold through the lure of the irrational thought  that you would feel the way the people in the ads seemed to feel if they had the same product. (Ethos the movie) Things changed during the Greatest generation, they turned around the grim hand they were dealt and persevered by changing the hand they were dealt. “This was the time America was about to undergo a transition from war and upheaval to a relatively calm “postwar era” of unprecedented wealth and complacency. This was the era of the younger children who experienced the Great Depression and World War II from the sidelines—and who, as young adults, formed nuclear families in the comforts of postwar ’50s suburbia.”

Tiffany Neumann


Spirit of the times collage- The Lost Generation

In this era much of the advertising used doctors to to vouch for their products claiming that if your doctor does it than it must be good enough for you. Also in this era advertising made commands telling the viewer what to do, like an authoritative voice. Finally, this is when using seductive women entered into advertising. I combined what I feel are the top generalizations for the advertising of the lost generation to make this poster… I used  a display font for the date and Caslon old style for the call out. Using multiple fonts within one poster was very common during this time. 

Tiffany Neumann


This quick history lesson is worth the 5 minutes it will take you to read it.


Wow! I had NO IDEA movie ratings were such a scam!